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Periodontic Gum Disease: Gingivitis, Periodontitis Treatment

Periodontal disease is the major cause of tooth loss in adults. Mainly caused by plaque, it is usually painless. Regular dental visits are essential to timely diagnosis and treatment.

Prophylaxis of periodontal diseases include regular brushing of the tooth and semi-annual professional cleaning. But when periodontitis develops root scaling is necessary.

Periodontal Disease Symptoms

Early and moderate periodontal disease may exhibit few, if any, symptoms. Progressive periodontitis leads to bone loss – hard tissue that surrounding and supporting the tooth is destroyed and the tooth becomes loose.

Clinically it is shown in developing of periodontal pockets. Normally there is no space between the tooth and the bone socket. There is only 3mm thick gum surrounds the tooth cervix. When periodontal pocket forms this lenth can achive 9mm and in this situation the tooth needs extraction. Warning signs of advanced periodontal disease may include red, swollen or bleeding gums; persistent bad breath; permanent teeth that are loose or separating; changes in the way your teeth fit together when you bite.

Stages of Periodontal Disease:

3)advanced periododntitis.

Gingivitis is mild inflammation of the gums caused by plaque build-up. Gums may bleed upon probing. If left untreated, the gum infection damages the bone and supporting tissues. Your gum separates from the tooth and the bone level deteriorates. Advanced periodontitis symptoms are gums recede farther and separate, pus that may develops; continually and severe bone loss continues, and it results your teeth being loosen or eventually lost.

Periodontisis needs thorough examination, treatment and following-up care. Your dentist will examine you for periodontal disease during each routine checkup. A periodontal probe will be used to determine if there is any breakdown in the gum tissue and attachment or if pockets have developed between your gums and teeth. With the probe your hygienist will estimate your periodontal state and measure pocket size.

Treatment of periodontitis varies depending upon individual characteristics and the type of periodontal disease and how far the condition has progressed.

In early stage an anti-microbial mouth rinse may be prescribed. Scaling , which cleans the teeth to remove tartar deposits above and below the gumline will also be necessary. Oral Irrigation directs anti-microbial (anti-plaque) liquid below the gumline to flush out and kill germs to allow the regeneration of healthy tissue.

Flap surgery

This common surgery involves lifting back the gums and removing the tartar. Local anesthesia may be used for your comfort. Then a toft tissue flap is separated from the root surface to perform a proper access. After tartar deposits undertrhe gumline are removed by the scaler or currette and the root surface is polished the gums are sutured back in place so that the tissue fits snugly around the tooth again and left for healing.

If deep pockets are found and bone has been destroyed, your dentist may recommend periodontal surgery. It is presented by:

Soft Tissue Grafting

Exposed tooth roots are the result of gum recession. Soft tissue grafts are used to cover roots or develop gum tissue where absent due to excessive gingival recession. During this procedure, your periodontist takes gum tissue from your palate or another donor source to cover the exposed root. This can be done for one tooth or several teeth to even your gum line and reduce sensitivity.

Small bone grafting

Once the bone is lost it never heals back. Bone grafting is a procedure for restore bone structure. Bone grafts are materials that are used to fill the area where bone has been destroyed around teeth to serve as a scaffold or "rose trellis". By this means your own bone is induced to grow into the graft or scaffold and regain support for the tooth.

A proper program of brushing, flossing and regular professional cleanings will help fight plaque accumulation and gum disease, and help you keep your teeth for a lifetime.

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