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Innovative Technology: Dental Crowns with Porcelain Shoulder Margin

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Recent years have seen a rapid increase in patient demand for aesthetic restorations, as well as new material systems to meet this demand.

Metal – ceramic restorations have demonstrated long life expectancy for both front and back crowns. But aesthetically, in the hands of excellent dentists and technicians, metal – ceramic crows can provide near – perfect result. The technique of reduced metal framework combined with a full ceramic shoulder can be employed to avoid aesthetic compromise in the cervical area.


Porcelain shoulders have multiple benefits:

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-The porcelain margin can be an integral part of a premium restoration, maximizing esthetics and oral health.

-The porcelain margin helps avoid metal visibility and therefore allows margin placement without the “black line” that is so often present with many metal ceramic restorations.

-It eliminates tissue discoloration and graying at facial margins, and prevents possible over-building at the gingiva.

-These benefits in turn lead to greater patient satisfaction.


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