19th Mar 2018


08th Apr 2016
allergies toothache fairfax virginia

Tooth pain due to Allergies

We see a lot of patients that come in to our dentist office in Fairfax Virginia with pain that is due to sinus problems and not dental issues.  This is...

08th Apr 2016
oral hygiene fairfax va

Oral Hygiene and Cleaning

Oral hygiene is the way of prevention of cavities (dental caries), gingivitis, periodontitis, and other dental disorders. It also helps to prevent bad breath (halitosis). Oral hygiene is necessary for...

08th Aug 2015
cleaning dentist fairfax va

Professional cleaning consists of 3 steps

Dentists recommend having your teeth professionally cleaned every 6 months. More frequent cleaning and examination may be necessary during the treatment of many of the dental/oral disorders. Routine examination of...

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