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Finding a qualified general, implant and emergency dentist in Fairfax near Oakton is the first important step that each patient must deal with in the quest to replace missing, damaged teeth or a simple toothache. Fairfax VA Emergency Dentist, Dr. Victor Soyfer can provide you with an emergency dental appointment usually within 24 hours or even same day emergency dentistry. Dentist in Fairfax with lots of training and experience in dentistry and implant dentistry as well as academic credentials will ensure that your family, implant and emergency dentistry experience is fruitful and sustainable in Oakton Fairfax VA. We are open Monday through Sunday here in Oakton, Fairfax VA to satisfy your needs for available dental care. Most of all your dental emergency such as toothache and surgical needs can be addressed here in Oakton, Fairfax VA.
Advanced Dentistry of Fairfax, Oakton, Fairfax VA – Dr. Victor Soyfer provides Dental Implants services such as dental implant surgery, dental implants restorations and full mouth dental implants reconstructions, sinus lifts, bone grafts and toothaches emergencies. Let our 22 year experience and affordable dental implants in Oakton, Fairfax help you achieve total dental health that you deserve!
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Fairfax Dentist Dr. Victor Soyfer DMD delivers outstanding general dentistry as well as placement and restoration of dental implants. Dr. Victor Soyfer has 22 years experience in general dentistry, implant surgery and implant reconstructions including full mouth reconstruction and full mouth rehabilitation.

The success of a dental implant, it’s ability to support a dental restoration, is very much dependent upon how much bone is available at the site where you place the implant. There are lots of things in dentistry that affect the bone volume including things like periodontal disease, trauma, and infections and even with all modern technology in dentistry it is not unusual to open up a site in the mouth for implant placement and find out that some of the critical supporting bone is missing such as inadequate bone density. We have great techniques in dentistry available to us to replace missing bone. We can increase the height of bone and the width of the bone. We can fill in anatomical voids in bone thereby creating new bone, and we can fill in all sorts of defects that develop when teeth are lost. We can even use grafting techniques to prevent the loss of bone in circumstances where the bone would normally be lost like the extraction of a tooth.

Replacing missing bone or adding to existing bone is very often essential to the success of a dental implant and the ensuing restoration. The techniques to do this are well documented and should be used when indicated by any dentist who places dental implants. Most of dentists will have a good idea when additional bone or bone repair will be necessary before actually starting the placement of a dental implant, and the patients should be informed of this possibility by the dentist. Sometimes, however, dentist run into areas where unexpected bone grafting is indicated. As long as the dentist in Fairfax is prepared to replace or add to the existing bone and the patient understands the bone grafting procedure, there should not be any problem with these techniques.

Types of Bone Grafting:

There are many ways in which bone grafting can be done. Sometimes it is as simple as collecting bone when preparing an implant site and then reusing the bone for grafting purposes. Whenever we can use the patient’s bone for repairs or additions, we will get the best results. In extreme cases, bone can be harvested from areas outside the mouth. The most common area is the hip. Needless to say, when this type of bone graft is done, everyone has to be fully prepared, and you would usually find yourself in a hospital setting with a physician removing the bone from your hip and your dentist placing it in the appropriate areas of your mouth.

Very often, we can use “bone in a bottle” to do bone grafting for dental implants. This bone is specially prepared from cadavers or other sources and used to get the patients own bone to grow into the repair site. It is very effective and very safe. Sometimes synthetic materials can be used to stimulate bone formation and sometimes we even use factors from your blood to accelerate and promote bone formation in graft areas.

Very often, bone grafting is done in combination with what dentistry refers to as a “Barrier Membrane Technique.” Membranes made out of special materials are placed over bone graft sites to keep out the types of soft tissue cells we do not want and promote the growth and migration of cells which will turn into normal, healthy bone. These membranes are very successful and are used quite a bit these days to promote sound bone formation. The membranes are usually removed at a later date, but sometimes they can be resorbed by the body and disappear all on their own.

Also, it is not uncommon to use “screws” and “tacks” to secure membranes and bone grafts at an implant site. Sometimes these pieces will also have to be removed at a later date, but rest assured that all of these components and grafting materials are safe and effective and their use has gone a long way in increasing the success rates of dental implants.

Dental Implants in Fairfax


Dentist in Fairfax Area Northern VA

A Fairfax dentist’s primary goal is to provide a healthy smile that can brighten your life and give you a big boost of self-confidence. Here in Oakton, Fairfax VA, Dentist Dr. Victor Soyfer DMD. in Fairfax Northern VA is ready to provide you and your family with exceptional care.  The dentist and caring dental staff at Advanced Dentistry of Fairfax, Northern VA offers comprehensive care in all aspects of dentistry and believes that having a beautiful smile depends on a healthy foundation of strong teeth and gums.

Fairfax Dental Office, Northern VA

We are a general and cosmetic dentistry practice in Fairfax that also offers dental implant surgery and implant restorations as well as variety of other procedures as wisdom teeth extractions in Fairfax Northern VA area  dedicated to improving your smile and the overall oral health of you and your family In Fairfax. We strive to provide quality dental care in a relaxing environment. Our knowledgeable and friendly team of dental professionals is always ready to answer your questions and any concerns that you may have. We educate our patients, provide quality dentistry, create beautiful smiles and focus on what’s important – your overall health.

About Dr. Victor Soyfer:

Dr. Victor Soyfer completed his undergraduate studies at Ohio State University in 1992 and went on to finish his graduate degree from Ivy League School of Dental Medicine of University of Pennsylvania in 1996.  He also completed his Externship at the Department of Maxillofacial Surgery at Georgetown University.
Dr. Victor Soyfer now resides in Fairfax, Virginia.  He has been providing the entire Northern Virginia with exceptional dentistry.  He is honored and proud to provide his services to you and your family by utilizing the latest techniques and offer general family dentistry here in Fairfax.

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